Frequently Asked Question

  • Young developing athletes
  • Adult fitness
  • Elite or professional athletes that need sport specific training
  • Someone who has never done a fitness program before
  • People who are goal orientated
  • Anyone interested in injury prevention
  • People who hold themselves accountable for their progress
  • People that want a unique routine with a variety of exercises
  • Anyone who loves challenging exercises
  • People that love attaining results
  • People who assume they can never get better or improve
  • People who assume they are as fit as they can be
  • People who commit

You should arrive 15 minutes before your session to warm up and stretch before your workout so that you are ready to work out on the hour. If it is your first time at JK Fitness, we will teach you how to warm up and stretch properly before your workouts. This way you will have a proper routine before your own activities, sports, or workouts.

  • Call to book your initial assessment – (necessary for first time clients) helps our trainers determine a client’s current fitness level. This helps us gear our training specifically for each client’s needs
  • After the assessment is performed – Select the appropriate training package based on the trainer’s recommendations and commitment of the client to want to improve

Let the experience begin… contact us now to begin your fitness program and realize your potential. Don’t wait to get fit. You won’t regret it! The results are extremely rewarding.

JK Fitness uses a variety of balance tools, cardio machines, weight machines, speed and agility tools, plus much more. Be prepared to be challenged both mentally and physically each session. Learn to love the burn and rack up a good healthy sweat.

  • Helps you achieve your goals in less time
  • Develops long term muscle memory so that if you do stop training, you will be able to reach your original levels of fitness faster than before
  • Achieve ultimate longer lasting health benefits to make you feel great
  • Keeps you sharp and ready for any challenges in life or sports
  • Becomes a part of your lifestyle
  • Achieve higher levels of fitness

The best age to start a training program is around the age of 9 because at this age kids are still developing their fine motor skills (coordination & movement). By fine tuning their motor skills at an early age, they stand a better chance of becoming more natural athletes and leading healthier longer lives. We have special programs designed especially for youngsters in order to foster their natural growth and development.

  • Proper running shoes, shorts, t-shirt, water bottle, change of clothes
  • Bring a towel as showers are available
  • Bring a lock to stow your belongings in a locker (JK Fitness is not responsible for stolen or damaged belongings)
  • No jeans please restricts movement

A large part of non-contact injuries can be significantly reduced through functional strength training. Non-contact injuries can occur from lack of training, improper training, overuse and poor postural conditions. Learn how to train properly to be fit as ever for your sports.

No, more fitness training is not necessarily better. Smarter training is better. Doing exercises that stimulate the mind and open up new kinetic pathways are what help you perform better in your sport and daily activities

Get a program specific to your needs; How do you find out what you need for your sport? Give us a call to inquire.

Speed is the ultimate goal of every athlete. There are many prerequisites that need to be developed before you can attain ultimate levels in speed. Yes, one can work on speed drills but if the foundational components such as coordination, core connection, and flexibility are missing, then one cannot achieve top speed and acceleration. There are many other factors affecting speed as well.

To learn the secrets and start developing your speed, give us a call to inquire.

An assessment will give us a basis with which to measure your improvements from when you first started your training up until now. A good fitness training program needs to be geared towards an individual’s age, goals and capabilities. Without an assessment, we don’t know where to begin your training program. Finding out these details allows us to get the most performance out of you and will in turn relate to better functioning of your body making you feel happier.

Contact us anytime to learn more about our initial assessments.

Whether you are a professional or recreational athlete or simply want to be fit and healthy, an assessment is essential for determining the direction you need to take to maximize your results when training. All individuals are different from one another and therefore require different exercises, volume and intensity. The assessments are geared appropriately for ages 12 up to 60.

Click here find out if an assessment is right for you.

The answer depends. The results are not to be taken negatively or positively but rather to aid the trainer in making your training program better, more fun and efficient for you. It is not the results on paper that will make a difference in your life or sport, but the feeling of confidence and ability that you have inside of you which will make all the difference in the world.

Reassessments will be used to measure the progress of your fitness levels but also measure the effects our training programs so that we can constantly update and improve our training programs for you. Reassessments are recommended every 3 months and are included in some training packages.

All our staff are professionally trained & certified by the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology in conducting assessments accordingly. All information accumulated during assessments will always remain strictly confidential. Our friendly trainers are non-judgmental and are here to help guide you in becoming more fit. We will do our best to make your assessment and training sessions as pleasant as possible.