An initial assessment is necessary for first time clients. This assists our trainers to determine your strengths and weaknesses and allows us to tailor training specifically for the athlete. Selection of the appropriate training package is based on the trainer’s recommendations and your commitment to reaching your full potential.

Basic Assessment

Initially, each client gets a personalized assessment. By determining basic levels of your fitness, it gives us a better sense of how to design your program and how we will maximize the results you want. Our professional trainers gear your entire program towards your needs, personal goals and current level of fitness.

Personalized Training Program

Each and every one of your training programs with jkfitness is closely monitored, updated, and properly adjusted according to how you feel that day. The program will progress only as fast as you progress. In other words, if one of the exercises is too difficult for you, we will modify it so the exercise can be performed with good quality.

Likewise, if an exercise is much too easy, we will turn up the difficulty a notch or two until you are being challenged enough to make progress. All the exercises are challenging, otherwise it will not help you improve. With the aid and motivation of our professional trainers, you will be able to achieve all your fitness goals step by step. Leisure, health and fitness programs are offered in Personal training or group training formats.

On-going Reassessments

On-going reassessments are periodically done in order to see where progress is being made and where progress hasn’t been made yet. It will enable our trainers to further re-adjust your program to continue getting results. Remember results don’t happen over night. Results are a lifestyle.