Spring & Summer conditioning camps run from April to August and are geared specifically to prepare you for your upcoming season. This program is available for anyone who is dedicated and committed to improving their hockey game. Experience the amazing environment and train with hockey players that are serious about their hockey development and growth. Learn and apply information in your hockey specific training program that will help empower you as an individual, an athlete, and hockey player. This program entails the complete package that looks at all lifestyle components such as nutrition, mental attitude, fitness, overall wellbeing, and how to take responsibility for your performance results. This unsurpassed program includes:


  • includes 2x/week in the gym
  • initial assessment helps to measure your progress and determine the best path to take for your training
  • postural training helps recover from any injuries and learn how to stabilize small and large muscle groups
  • muscle endurance high reps and low weights to prepare for strength phase
  • aerobic capacity helps build strong heart and lungs to recover faster


  • 3x/week in the gym
  • muscle endurance
  • intro to strength
  • outdoor training
  • aerobic power & anaerobic endurance


  • program ramps up to 3-4x/week in the gym
  • focus of program is on full body connective strength
  • outdoor training
  • anaerobic endurance & power


  • most intense month of training at 4x/week in the gym
  • max strength
  • power & speed conversion
  • outdoor training
  • ice sessions that focus on skill development and scrimmages


  • training tapers to 3x/week in the gym to allow body to super adapt for try outs
  • the month of speed endurance and agility
  • taper training & outdoor training